What size screws should be used to install the floor hardware?
All floor hardware is supplied with mounting holes.  We suggest using #10 stainless steel oval head screws which are not supplied.
What products would a typical hearse bed layout contain?

Each hearse bed layout is customized to the needs of the customer and vehicle.  This diagram provides a basic layout.  We would encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs and we can work with you to create a layout best suited to your requirements.

Do you supply funeral flags?
We do not supply funeral flags.  There are many companies in the industry that do supply flags.  The maximum size flag that will fit on the DNR flag staff is 8 ½” x 13”.
What style of bier pin would best suit my vehicle?
The type of bier pin will depend on the year and make of your vehicle as well as the number of holes in the existing hole plates.  We would recommend that you contact us directly so that we can assist you in determining the correct bier pin.
What is supplied with the coach light assembly?

Each coach light assembly comes with the outer casing with either a diamond or white lens.  The electrical wiring and light are not provided with the assembly.

What size cut outs are required for the DNR hearse hardware?

Please see diagram for the appropriate cut out sizes.

What type of wood would be best suited to mount my hearse hardware to the car bed?
We would recommend a minimum of ¾” thick hard plywood.
How do I install my flag staff mounts?

Our flag staff mounts have been designed to fit a specific make and model of vehicle, therefore the installation instructions are specific to each mount.  Please choose from the list below for the installation instructions that fit your mounts.

Cadillac (1997-1999)
Cadillac (2000-2005)
Cadillac (2006-2012)
Cadillac XTS (2013)
Chrysler or Dodge Mini Van
Lincoln MKT