Hearse Parts

Our hearse hardware is die cast and chrome plated for lasting durability and beauty.


DNR manufactures and supplies hardware to funeral coach builders, funeral homes, professionals in the industry and also produces parts for the limousine industry. The majority of components that DNR sells are produced on tooling developed and owned by DNR Industries. DNR also engineers and manufactures custom components to your requirements. These custom components can help you develop a unique look for your coaches that will be exclusive in the industry.


DNR mission is to be the global leader in servicing coach builders by recognizing and constantly responding to changing customer expectations and technology, while supporting mutual long term growth and profitability.

This business philosophy has not changed since inception. In an industry where global competitiveness is the standard today, DNR Industries utilizes "State of the Art" design and manufacture know-how. DNR's quality management program assures our customers, the high standards which they have come to depend on.


Coach Lights

2 Lens - Diamond

2 Lens - White

Flag Staff

12” Flag Staff Assembly

18” Flag Staff Assembly

Flag staff assemblies do not include the mount, they are purchased separately depending on the make and model of vehicle.  See our flag staff mounts for availability.

Flag Staff Mounts

97-99 Cadillac

2000-2005 Cadillac

2006-2012 Cadillac

Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln MKT

2013+ Cadillac XTS

2010-2012 Chrysler 300

2013+ Chrysler 300

Chrysler/ Dodge Mini Van

2017 Pacifica

Landau Bow

36” (91.5cm) “S” LH & RH Bow

38” (96.5cm) “S” LH & RH Bow

39” (99cm) “S” LH & RH Bow

44” (122cm) “S” LH & RH Bow

57” (145cm) “S” LH & RH Bow

Window Bow

33” LH & RH Bow


3 ½” (8.9cm) Wreath (with or without tape)

11” x 9” (27.9cm x 22.9cm) Wreath

Name Card

Curved Name Card Holder

Flat Name Card Holder

Flower Car

Thru Standoff

Left End Standoff

Right End Standoff

Flow Car Rail

Roller Frame

DNR Roller Frame

Pointed Roller Frame

Plastic Roller Frame

90 Degree Angle Frame

80 Degree Angle Frame

Skid Bar

DNR Skid Bar

Designer Skid Bar

Pin Mount Skid Bar

Urethane Skid Bar

Hole Plate

DNR 1 Hole Plate

DNR 2 Hole Plate

DNR 10 Hole Plate

Designer 1 Hole Plate

Designer 10 Hole Plate

Hex 1 Hole Plate

Hex 4 Hole Plate

Hex 8 Hole Plate


Post Cup

Wheel Cup

Bier Pin

½” Adjustable Bier Pin

½” Stationary Bier Pin

½” Quick Release Adjustable Bier Pin

7/16” Adjustable Bier Pin

7/16” Stationary Bier Pin

½” Hex Adjustable Bier Pin

½” Hex Stationary Bier Pin

½” Hex Quick Release Adjustable Bier Pin

Casket Guide Post

Urn Holder

½” Urn Holder Kit

7/16” Urn Holder Kit

Hex Urn Holder Kit

Removal Roller Bed

82” Removal Roller Bed

87” Removal Roller Bed

92” Removal Roller Bed

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